Saturday, October 31, 2015

To See "New Kid"

Last night I went to a play called "New Kid" it was at a theatre in Chicago at mommy's school (North Park University).  It was about a New Kid named Nick (Seanna Wong), she came from a land called Homeland to the United States and she brought her favorite bowl.

When she moved she went to school. She met some girls at school. One girl was not nice (Mog- played by Annemarie Giordano). One girl was nice (Mencha- played by Christiane Schaldemose). One girl was not nice because Nick told one of the girls to take a little bite of her food and when she didn't like it, she fell down. And then the not nice girl played zombie after she fell down and she took Nick's bowl and she dropped it down the stairs and it broke. And that was a school fight. And Nick was sad.

Then a little later the not nice girl came and wrote on the window. It said "Sgak" which is a mean word. And then the not nice girl brought her bat to school there was another school fight later. And the bad girl hurt Mencha but Mencha didn't let the bad girl play or hurt Nick. Mencha kept throwing the ball to Nick.

And then Nick and Mencha (the nice girl) played ball. And at the end of the play they played ball again.

I liked when the bad girl wrote on the window because you're not supposed to write on the windows, sometimes that's silly. I liked it when they wore Superman and Green Lantern shirts. I also liked the part when Mencha ate the pudding because she at it way too fast and it was SOOO Green!

This play is saying you should be nice to everybody.

I think my friends Jordan, Jo and Jaspar would like "The New Kid" And that's all. That's all I have to say. The End.

-Love Gunnar

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