Sunday, January 31, 2016

to Pinocchio A Folk Musical at Filament Theatre

Yesterday I went to a play called Pinocchio A Folk Musical, Adapted and Composed by Tyler Beattie at Filament Theatre, directed by Scott Ferguson.  When we walked in the theatre there was lots of things to do in the lobby like: games, coloring, chalk, popcorn and a piano.  I did coloring and I played a game and we had popcorn.

The actors were Felipe Carrasco (Geppetto /guitar), Mara Dale (3 consciences/piano), Kamile Dawkins (Fox/ upright bass), Nick Kmiecik (Lampwick/piano and banjo), Roberto Jonson (Pinocchio /guitar) and Maddy Low (Blue Fairy/saxophone and accordion). We first met them in the lobby where they gave us popcorn and showed us where the coloring sheets were and helped us play the games and took our tickets.  The actors were all amazing and good because they all could play several instruments, sing and act, even with puppets!

Mommy and me sat on pillows and blankets on the stage and that was comfortable. The stage
had a piano, a box, a banjo, a violin, a guitar, an accordion, an upright bass, a blue cart and on the floor there were blue circles. When the actors changed characters sometimes they wore different costumes (designed by Noel Huntzinger) and used interesting masks and puppets by Jeff Semmerling. When Pinocchio's nose grew they used a violin bow, that was funny and smart.  The music was pretty and my favorite song was the laughing wood song.
My favorite part was when the shark swallowed Pinocchio because they used a pennant banner as the sharks teeth and two umbrellas for the eyes. My favorite character was Pinocchio because he wore overalls, he grew ears and I liked him because he made mistakes but he learned the lesson to be good and he took care of Geppetto.
I really loved this show. I'm giving this show twelve points because I liked it the most and I think everyone would love it too! Everyone in the whole world!
By, Gunnar

Gunnar's Point System:
12 points: I LOVED IT THE MOST!
10 points: I loved it a LOT
  3 points: I liked some and didn't like some
  1 point:   I only liked a little
  0 points: I didn't like it at all

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