Monday, February 22, 2016

to see "That's Weird Grandma"

Yesterday me and mommy and auntie Kerry went to see a play called "That's Weird Grandma" by the Barrel of Monkeys. This was my second time seeing the show but it was different because it didn't have the same stories, that's because the show is different every week. Barrel of Monkeys is a theatre company that does classes with kids and helps them write their own plays and stories and then the grown-ups (Barrel of Monkeys actors) perform some of the plays every week.

The stories this week were: Once Upon a Princess, The Game, My Holiday (Ice Cream Candy Sugar rush day!!!!!) the best Holiday Event, The Dumb Chicken, The Crazy Old People,  Love in Heaven, Where do People Come from?, The Day I drive a car, The Kid with the Donut Suite, UNTITLED (Cross the border), Running in the Snow, The Worst Zoo, The Football Player, Zyra, Day in the Life of Bacon, Buffalo Joe's Argument, and A Dinosaur that Came to Life.

My favorite stories were "The Worst Zoo" and "Where do People Come From?" I loved "Where do People Come From?" because the story was about a girl who didn't know where people came from so she asked her mom and her mom was giving her silly answers because she didn't know either so she said things like..."They come from cats hairballs, They come from chocolate and vanilla, The people come from Money, and People come from flowers" Every time the mom said a different reason where people came from a baby came out but he was a grown-up wearing a bib hat and a diaper and he'd say "MAMA! MAMA!" and it was soooooo funny!!!  "The Worst Zoo" was so funny because there was a girl who didn't like the zoo because there was hay everywhere and the animals are out of their cages which is so silly because every zoo has hay, that's what animals eat and if the animals were in cages you couldn't see them! I also liked the Dumb Chicken because the chicken died but he didn't fall down he was drowning in the toilet and praying in the toilet then he died, died, died! And it was so silly because they put a halo on his head and he looked silly. I also liked the game one because the dog was like "Hide! Hide! Hide! Flora! Hide" and Flora couldn't hide because she was a flower stuck in the ground!!

I think this play was good because it had funny stories. People who like funny things would like this show, if you like laughing this is the show for you. I think my friend Jo likes this show because I saw it with her before, but she should come back because the stories are different. I also think Jordan would like it.

I give this play 12 points because I liked it the Most!


The End.

Gunnar's Point System:
12 points: I LOVED IT THE MOST!
10 points: I loved it a LOT
  3 points: I liked some and didn't like some
  1 point:   I only liked a little
  0 points: I didn't like it at all

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