Thursday, November 17, 2016

to see Nevermore at JPAC

Last Sunday I saw a play called 'Nevermore' by Grace Barnes and Matt Conner, directed by Steve Calzaretta at Jedlicka Performing Arts Center.  I went with mommy.

The play was about someone name Edgar Alan Poe who was a famous poet. The characters were Edgar (Justin Stevens), Elmira (Laura Martino), Virginia (Sophia Vitello), Whore (Alli Braun), Muddy (Margaret Garofalo), and Mother (Lauren Miller). These characters were ghosts that were haunting Edgar while he was writing.

The set (designed by Michael Nedza) looked like a graveyard and the Orchestra was behind a fence in the grave yard and there were three houses and some benches. I liked the moon on the back wall and the trees. One of my very favorite parts was when the fog was coming off the stage into the audience and into me, because that was so cool and I caught some cloudy things.

The music (directed by Daniel Brottman) was very pretty. there was a full orchestra with violins (Kyle Walcott, Kevie Yu), a Viola (Elizabeth Bellisario), a Cello ( Wilson Smith) a Bass (Ben Krege), a Harp (May Im), and Percussion by Scott Simon.

I didn't understand why I could see everybody on stage when they were all ghosts, that confused me.

Everybody in the whole wide world should see this show because maybe they all like Halloween and this show made me think of Halloween.

I give this play 100 points because it's about Halloween and that's the best.


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