Saturday, November 25, 2017

to see Twas the Night Before Christmas

On November 22nd I went to see Ken Ludwig's "Twas the Night Before Christmas" at Emerald City Theatre Directed by my favorite Artistic Director Jacqueline Stone, I went with mommy and Margot. The play was about a kid named Emily (played by Kirra Silver) and her friend mouse named Amos the funny mouse (played by Alejandro Tey) who saved Christmas.

 It started when Uncle Brierly (Darren Hill) was reading Twas the Night Before Christmas and he said it was his favorite poem but when he got to the part "not a creature was stirring not even a mouse" Amos came out from his little house and he was stirring cookie dough to make cookies for Santa. And when he got to the part "while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads" Amos had the pigeon from "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" and was dancing with it because he thought Uncle Brierly said "while pigeons and sugar plums danced in their heads" which was so funny. And when Uncle Brierly left they did a dance party and then they saw a girl in the window who came into the house. The girl turned out to be a Jewish Elf named Calliope (played by Nora Lise Ulrey) from Santa's Workshop and she took them on an adventure on a plane to the North Pole where they found out that all the elves were locked in a dungeon by Sir Guy (also played by Darren Hill). Sir Guy wanted to sell the Naughty and Nice list so he could be in charge of Santa's workshop. But Calliope, Emily, Amos and Amos from Kansas found a way to save Christmas.  And Santa (played by Anthony Whitaker) gave Emily and Amos medals for saving Christmas.

The set designed William Boles was very creative. I loved how it seemed like there was just one thing on the stage, Uncle Brierly's house, but then all these little doors opened up and it transformed into Santa's Workshop. I love love loved the props designed by Letitia Guillaud especially the giant yummy candies and the amazing airplane that they flew in to get to the North Pole. I also liked the costumes designed by Rachel M. Sypniewski especially the mouse ears and tail on both Amos and Amos from Kansas.

My two favorite parts were: 1. when Amos was like "Ahhhhhh who's that? What's that?" and Emily was like "The stage Crew" and Amos said "The stage crew! Ahhhh!" and 2. When Amos said "When is this plane going to land?" and Emily said: "Amos the plane already landed you're the one still spinning."

This play taught me that the best gifts don't come in packages they come from being present and having fun.

I give this play One hundred thousand, million, billion, zillion to the infinity points because it was just so fun and funny.  And I think every animal and every person and everything in the whole wide world should see this play because it is the best play I have ever seen in my entire life.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

to see School of Rock the Musical

On Saturday I went to see School of Rock the Musical at the Cadillac Palace Theatre in downtown Chicago with mommy. The musical by Julian Fellows, Glenn Slater and Andrew Lloyd Webber and directed by Laurence Connor was a play about a man named Dewey who taught kids in school to become the School of Rock.

Dewey (played by Merritt David Janes at our performance) loved to play his guitar but he got kicked out of his band so he pretended to be his friend Ned (played by Hernando Umana) by becoming a substitute teacher at Horace Green school. But Dewey had never been a teacher so he wasn't good at it. Dewey was late to school and asked for food and sent the kids to recess right away. But the next day he heard them playing music and he thought he could teach them how to play rock. Like the cymbals is like playing the drums and the cello is like playing the bass and the piano is like playing the keyboard. So he decided they could be a rock back and he could finally go to the battle of the bands.  Some of the kids didn't play music but helped like they were back up singers or Summer (played by Ava Brigilia) was the manager and another kid was the costume designer.

The actors were really amazing I loved Dewey the best because he was just the funniest guy I ever saw. And the kid actors were super cool because they actually played the instruments really well. My favorite kid was Phoenix Schuman who played Zach because he was amazing at playing the electric guitar.

The lighting design by Natasha Katz was excellent because during the battle of the bands the lights they were all colors around the stage and in "If Only You Would Listen" the lights would shift on each kid as they sang. The costumes by Anna Louizos looked a lot like parents and teachers and kids. The songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber stuck in our heads, mommy and I were whistling them as we are writing this.

My favorite part of the show was when Rosalie (played by Lexie Dorsett Sharp) came in to check on Dewey's class and he made up a song about Math that is called "Math is Great and a Wonderful thing." And when the battle of the bands guy, Jeff (played by Patrick Clanton) said "Okay okay stop throwing water bottles at me." And when Dewey wrote Mr. Schne...and then scribbled the rest and then made a y that was funny.  And another time they covered up the instruments with teepees and pretended they were learning about Thanksgiving and turkeys.

This show taught me that you should never stop doing the thing you love and when you teach what you love to others it spreads all over the world.

I would give this show 1 billion thousand points because I loved this show so much because it is so awesome. I would tell everyone in the entire whole seriously entire giant world to go see this because if everyone saw shows like this they might want to be a blogger just like me.


Monday, October 2, 2017

to see Hamilton!!!

On Saturday I saw Hamilton, An American Musical written by Lin Manuel Miranda, directed by Thomas Kail at the CIBC Theatre in downtown Chicago.  I went with mommy because daddy got us tickets for mommy's birthday.  The musical was about Alexander Hamilton who was the first treasury secretary of the United States. Alexander Hamilton was an immigrant from the Caribbean who is on the 10 dollar bill and was a founding father of the USA. The musical is about Alexander Hamilton but its told by Aaron Burr who is Alexander Hamilton's foe who shot and killed Hamilton in a duel.

I was really excited to see Hamilton because I have been listening to the broadway cast recording for over a year and I have watched videos of the Hamilton cast at the Tony Awards and the documentary on PBS and I have read the Hamilton the Revolution book we have at home.

Aaron Burr was played by my friend Gregory Treco, mommy was in plays with Greg in High School. He is the first person on the stage and sings my favorite song "Alexander Hamilton". I loved the way he sang the songs, he made the songs sound even better and I didn't know that was possible. My favorite song he sang was "Your Obedient Servant" and "The Room Where it Happens" because he can really dance AND sing. He was my favorite character.

All of the actors were so talented but I will tell you some of my favorites. Alexander Hamilton was played by Miguel Cervantes, he was a really good jumper and fast rapper and he was funny too when he dropped the book on the floor.  Charles Lee was played by Yossi Chaikin I thought he was so funny when he said "I'm a General Wheee!" Samuel Seabury was played by Aaron Gordon and he was also funny because he fell off the stool. I loved Hercules Mulligan/James Madison played by Wallace Smith he was just so cool. Eliza Hamilton played by Ari Afsar had a really pretty voice. And Alexander Gemignani who played King George was the funniest because he ran around in a circle like an excited kid when John Adams became President, this was my favorite part of the whole play. The Ensemble (Sam Aberman, Amber Ardolino, Remmie Bourgeois, Chloe Campbell, Tossi Chaikin, Aaron Gordon, Malik Shabazz Kitchen, Sheridan Mouawad, Samantha Pollino, Jose Rasario Jr and Willie Smith III) sounded like more than a thousand people and are the leaders of the show by helping us see the story, they're also really amazing dancers.

I really liked the costumes designed by Paul Tazewell because they looked like a long long time ago. I also really liked how the choreography by Andy Blakenbuehler and the set and props designed by David Korins worked together to show us the story. Like in "The World Turned Upside Down" how the ensemble was picking up chairs and props and turning them upside down or in "Hurricane" when the people made it look like a hurricane with the swirling lights designed by Howell Binkley.

One of my favorite moments was how they rewound the scene in "Satisfied" because it was fast and somehow they did it without crashing and it made me think WOW! I was so sad when Phillip died because George Eacker cheated the duel.  I was really scared during the duel between Aaron Burr and Hamilton but I liked how one of the ensemble girls came out and held the bullet like everything was frozen.

This show is really important because it taught me that even if you want to kill someone you shouldn't because you will wish you hadn't. When Burr tells us Hamilton's story he is telling us that when you kill someone you hurt more than just one person, you destroy families and ideas and you also hurt yourself.

I would tell everyone in the whole world, Go see Hamilton. I hope everyone will see it so that no one will decide to kill anyone anymore.

I give this play 800,000,000,099 points because it is SUPER AWESOME!!!

Love, Gunnar

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

to see Mother Goose's Garden

On June 10th I saw a play called Mother Goose's Garden at Emerald City Theatre with Margot and Mommy. The play was directed by my favorite Emerald City director, Jacqueline Stone. When we went into the Garden it was not like any other show I have seen before.
There was no stage, we got to be IN the play and we got a basket of objects so we could be a part of the play. I thought that was really weird but I really liked it because I got to talk to the characters and be a part of the play.

The characters were Jack and Jill, Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue, Mother Goose, the cow and the sheep.  Michele Stine played Jill, Little Bo Peep and Mother Goose, and Austin Ryan Hunt played Jack and Little Boy Blue. My favorite character part was when Jill made Jack play Little Miss Muffet because when he saw the spider he got so
silly scared and went "spider? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and ran everywhere but kind of quiet and silly. I also liked Little Bo Peep when she said "Oh Beaureguard there you are" in a southern accent, that made me laugh, that's a silly name for a sheep.

The set, designed by Brian Elston, was so colorful it looked like a garden. There were a lot of colorful flowers and a vegetable garden and berry trees. The berry trees could move and we got to pick berries off of them.  And when we watered the flowers with the watering cans from our baskets the set actually made them grow taller! I also love the sound, designed by Jeffrey Levin, because when the trees moved they sounded like an ice cream truck.

My favorite parts were when we got to be a part of the show. Margot and I got to put hay in the cows mouth, brush sheep's wool, water the plants, plant the seeds, shovel a hole and pick the berries.

Again, everybody in the whole wide world should see this show because then they'll know how to plant a beautiful Garden!

I give this play 1 MILLION and 99 points. That's the biggest number I can think of...because this show is AWESOME!!!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

to see Mary Poppins at the Mercury Theatre

On Saturday afternoon I went to see Mary Poppins, directed by L. Walter Stearns at the Mercury Theatre.  I went with Mommy and Auntie Kerry.  The play is about Mary Poppins (played by Nicole Armold) who is a magical nanny that comes to take care of Michael and Jane when their other nanny goes away.

Michael (played by Casey Lyons) and Jane (played by Sage Harper) are two kids who want to spend time with their daddy but their daddy, George Banks (played by Kevin McKillip) is too busy working at the bank.  Bert (played by Matt Crowle) is also magical like Mary Poppins because he draws pictures that he can jump into by snapping his finger he also sings a lot and tap dances on roof tops, he's really good at that.  I was really impressed with Jane and Michael, I thought they made strong characters in their acting.

I really loved the set designed by Adam Veness because you could see the outside and the inside of the house. The outside was a painted curtain and the inside had a lot of different rooms that could change for different scenes. I loved the attic nursery because when they turned it around you could see Bert on the top of the roof.

The costumes designed by Rachel Boylan were very colorful and magical. During the song Jolly Holiday some of the black skirts maybe had some strings on them that when you pulled them you could see a more colorful skirt underneath. And I liked the dress worn by Mrs. Corry who sings Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious because it had lots of colors and lots of letters. I also really like Mary Poppins' costumes because she looked just like the Mary Poppins from the movie. Another costume part I thought was cool was when chimneys turned out to be people wearing chimneys for hats, there was even smoke coming out.

The show is really cool because it was full of magic and Mary Poppins was able to make things fly and even she could fly! My favorite part was when Michael and Jane were making icing for the cake and the Butler (played by Timothy Eidman) thought it wasn't icing he backed away and bumped into cabinets and made all the dishes crash and then he fell down and fell asleep, that was the silliest part it made me laugh so much. And my other favorite part was when George Banks was at the bank and he was thinking about how to say something and then he sang "it's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" because he was being so silly and he finally decided to play like his kids.

I think the lessons to learn were for Michael and Jane to listen to their nanny and to learn new things and George Banks learned how to play with his children more.

I really think all of my friends especially Jo and Matilda and Sofia and Olivia and Mia and everyone in the whole wide world should see this show because then everyone can learn to be kind and listen to each other! Also they should see it because it is so fun!

I would give this play 9,900 points because it's the best play I ever saw!!


Monday, March 27, 2017

to see "THE WIZ" at Emerald City Theatre

On Saturday I went to "The Wiz" at Emerald City Theatre. The play was directed by Jamal Howard. I went with Daddy, Grandma and my friend Walter.

    The play was about a girl named, Dorothy, played by Isis Elizabeth,  who was in a tornado. The tornado took her to Oz. She met some friends. She met the Scarecrow, played by Leon Evans, the Tinman, played by Jar’Davion Brown, and Cowardly Lion, played by Miguel Long. They helped her see “the Wiz” who would help her get back to Kansas. The Scarecrow wanted brains, the Tinman wanted a heart, and the Lion wanted courage. The Wiz said he would grant their wishes if they killed the wicked witch Evilene. They killed her by pouring water on her. They went back to the Emerald City and the Wiz gave the Scarecrow a diploma, the Tinman got a heart and the Lion got a medal of courage, but Dorothy didn’t get back to Kansas.  The good witch told Dorothy she could use her magic silver shoes and she got back to Kansas.

    The set design by Michael Lewis had a door, clothespins, flowers and a giant block that became lots of things. Some of the costumes were sparkly. When the Tinman was wearing his costume, it really looked like a tin man and it was sparkly. The lions costume looked like a lion. They all wore green glasses in the Emerald City and green costumes. The costumes were designed by Kate Kamphausen.

    There were lots of great songs. I liked “Ease on Down the Road” the best. The actors had great voices and were good dancers.

    My favorite part was the gatekeeper of the Emerald City,  played by Frankie Leo Bennett.  I liked how he was being so sneaky.

    Everybody in the whole wide world should see this show because I think they would like it.
    I would give this play 100 points. It was Awesome!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

to see The Snowy Day at Emerald City Theatre

On Saturday I got to see The Snowy Day and other stories by Ezra Jack Keats, adapted for the stage by Jerome Hairston. I saw it with mommy, daddy and Margot. It was at Emerald City Theatre and the Director was Jacqueline Stone. This was the 100th production at Emerald City...that's a lot of shows!

The play was about a boy named Peter played by Terry Bell. The characters were Peter (Terry Bell) Mom/Female player (Sydney Charles), Amy/Female Player (Kirra Silver) and Dad/Archie/Male Player (Felix Mayes).

The stories they performed by Ezra Jack Keats were: The Snowy Day, Whistle for Willie, Goggles and A Letter for Amy.  My favorite story was Goggles because it was so cool when they found goggles and pretended they were astronauts, that was my favorite part of the whole play. After the play there was a bookstore and mommy and daddy bought me the book Goggles and I wish I could read it to you right now, but you should look for it at the library.

I loved the white parachute that represented snow. When they lifted it up it look like a blanket of snow and light shined through it. The lighting design, by Rachel Levy, was very colorful. The lights helped make shadows behind the snow and rain. The shadows they showed were: Willie (the dog), a tree, a parrot, a snow angel, a snowman and Peter doing things, like -brushing his tongue. The shadows were a really good idea for how to tell the story.

The costume design by Branimira Ivanova was so cool because the snowsuit looked exactly like the one from The Snowy Day, and the flower shirt and the rocket ship shirt looked just like the shirts from Goggles.  I also liked the set, designed by Martin Andrew, it looked like giant wooden blocks that you use to build castles.

One of my favorite parts was when Peter would slide down the snow slope and he kept saying "Again! Again! Again!" That part reminded me of when my sister Margot (she's 2 years old) goes down the slide, she always says that too!

One thing I learned from the show was, whenever you write a letter to someone, you should really hold on tight to your letter when you're carrying it to the that it doesn't fly away. Oh and don't bump into people when you're going to the mailbox either.

Everybody in the whole wide world should see this show because it's so much fun and based on stories you can read and buy or checkout from the library.

I give this show 2,095 points because it's the