Tuesday, February 7, 2017

to see The Snowy Day at Emerald City Theatre

On Saturday I got to see The Snowy Day and other stories by Ezra Jack Keats, adapted for the stage by Jerome Hairston. I saw it with mommy, daddy and Margot. It was at Emerald City Theatre and the Director was Jacqueline Stone. This was the 100th production at Emerald City...that's a lot of shows!

The play was about a boy named Peter played by Terry Bell. The characters were Peter (Terry Bell) Mom/Female player (Sydney Charles), Amy/Female Player (Kirra Silver) and Dad/Archie/Male Player (Felix Mayes).

The stories they performed by Ezra Jack Keats were: The Snowy Day, Whistle for Willie, Goggles and A Letter for Amy.  My favorite story was Goggles because it was so cool when they found goggles and pretended they were astronauts, that was my favorite part of the whole play. After the play there was a bookstore and mommy and daddy bought me the book Goggles and I wish I could read it to you right now, but you should look for it at the library.

I loved the white parachute that represented snow. When they lifted it up it look like a blanket of snow and light shined through it. The lighting design, by Rachel Levy, was very colorful. The lights helped make shadows behind the snow and rain. The shadows they showed were: Willie (the dog), a tree, a parrot, a snow angel, a snowman and Peter doing things, like -brushing his tongue. The shadows were a really good idea for how to tell the story.

The costume design by Branimira Ivanova was so cool because the snowsuit looked exactly like the one from The Snowy Day, and the flower shirt and the rocket ship shirt looked just like the shirts from Goggles.  I also liked the set, designed by Martin Andrew, it looked like giant wooden blocks that you use to build castles.

One of my favorite parts was when Peter would slide down the snow slope and he kept saying "Again! Again! Again!" That part reminded me of when my sister Margot (she's 2 years old) goes down the slide, she always says that too!

One thing I learned from the show was, whenever you write a letter to someone, you should really hold on tight to your letter when you're carrying it to the mailbox...so that it doesn't fly away. Oh and don't bump into people when you're going to the mailbox either.

Everybody in the whole wide world should see this show because it's so much fun and based on stories you can read and buy or checkout from the library.

I give this show 2,095 points because it's the

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