Tuesday, March 27, 2018

to see Knuffle Bunny at Emerald City Theatre

On March 25th, 2018 I went to see Knuffle Bunny at the Emerald City Theatre with Mommy and Margot. The show is based on the book by Mo Willems with music by Micahel Silversher and was directed by Aileen McGroddy.

The play was about a little girl named Trixie (played by DeanalĂ­s Resto) who takes a trip with her dad (played by Matt Miles) to the laundromat where she loses her stuffed animal, Knuffle Bunny. Poor Trixie is too young to explain to her daddy why she's sad and her daddy can't understand why she's so sad. It's a real problem. A problem Trixie's mom (played by Abby Murray Vachon) can help solve.

My two favorite elements were the puppets and the projections.  My favorite puppet was the pigeon puppet (the pigeon from Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, another Mo Willems book, makes an appearance in the play) operated by Jar'Davion Brown.  I also loved the life-size Knuffle Bunny and the ginormous clothing puppets too, they were all awesome and designed by Angela McIlvain.
My favorite projections were the black and white slides when Trixie's dad was chasing her. I also love the projections of Knuffle Bunny and Trixie's Dad inside the washing machine. The black and white photos reminded me of the pictures from the book and the movie from inside the washing machine was really fun and all of it was designed by Michael Commendatore.

My favorite part was when Trixie's Dad said "I found it!" and Trixie's mom said "See honey I knew you could do it" and then Trixie's Dad pulled something out of the machine and held it up and Trixie's mom said "Some ladies Underwear?!?" That was so funny! I also liked the part where Trixie started to sing her sad song again and Trixie's dad yelled at the stage manager and said he wouldn't let that happen again!

This play was a good reminder to be mindful of important things you carry with you. I think that's why that's why it's called a "Cautionary Musical"...it's probably a good idea to keep your favorite things at home.

I give this play Infinity Million points and I hope infinity million people go see this show because it's so funny and awesome.


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