About Gunnar

Hi my name is Gunnar and I'm a blogger!
I am six years old and I'm in kindergarten.
My favorite colors are red, yellow, blue and green.
I live in Chicago Illinois with my mommy, daddy, my sister Margot and my cat Sven.
My favorite movies are Finding Dory, Home Alone, Moana, Big Hero 6, Planes: Fire and Rescue.
I like all the holidays except for Thanksgiving (because I don't like to eat animals).
I like to see plays.  I've been seeing plays since before I was 2. But my first favorite play was Akvavit Theatre's 'Blue Planet' I loved this play most because my mommy was in the play, I saw it four times because I loved to see mommy laugh and when I got to see the orange gorilla and the wolf cloud. Ever since I saw Blue Planet I asked my mommy to take me to more plays.

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