Sunday, December 4, 2016

to see 'A Christmas Carol on the Air' at The University of Wisconsin-Parkside Theatre Arts Department

On Friday night I went with mommy all the way to Wisconsin to see 'A Christmas Carol on the Air' by Peter Church, directed by Jennifer Sassaman at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Theatre Arts Department.  

The play was about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge who is always mad, one night he meets three ghosts.

 It was not a normal Christmas Carol because it was on the radio and we were watching actors tell the story as they were talking into microphones on the radio. And we watched my friend Madeleine Sassaman who played the younger daughter listening to the show on her radio in a home by the rocking chair. The story had breaks, they were commercials on the radio like for the JELLO family (which was one of my favorite parts) and Pass the Blue Ribbon (Pabst Blue Ribbon).

Gabby Ashlin played Belle and others, Cole Conrad played Ebenezer Scrooge, Quinn Didier played Tiny Tim and others, Alex Griffin played Announcer and others (and I also saw him in Spelling Bee), Catherine Kleinofen played Madam and others (she also was a scenic artist and I saw her in Spelling Bee too), Colin Kovarik played Charles Dickens and others, Shane Richlen played Bob Crachit and others and Jane Sekas played the older daughter.

The set, designed by Tayler Varney,  looked like an old radio and there were microphones and everyone was holding their lines because they were on the radio. The set was so beautiful the floors looked like diamonds and sparkly and the pictures on the walls were so pretty.  The lights were nice, designed by Michelle Housh, and when the APPLAUSE light was flashing that was so cool because I love when things flash.

My favorite part was the really loud sounds designed by Eamonn Higgins, most of the sounds were done live with different objects like an accordion that made wind and ghosts sounds and the crank machine that made the sound of wind, and candy wrappers made the sound of fire. The two guys who made the sounds on stage were Jordan Stanek and Matthew Rangel.

My other favorite part was when they were playing the guessing game and they said Ebeneezer was an animal, that was funny because that was totally a lie.

I didn't understand why Scrooge was happy at the end but mommy told me why. He was happy because the ghosts taught him to be nice by showing him how others saw him. The lesson I learned from this show is that you have to be kind to one another.

Everybody in this whole wide world should see this show because it shows everybody kindness.

I give this play 200 points because I like when people show kindness to others.



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